The Perfect Bath Bubbles

Last week while I was soaking in the bath I realised that I had quite a few shower gels/ bath bubbles so I thought I would show you a few of my favourites.

Snow Fairy
You all know my obsession with Lush is rather large so of course I will have to include some of their products. Snow fairy is one of their most famous scents but sadly only comes out at Christmas time. This is a really sweet smell, a bit like candy floss and I always get one every year!

So White
I got this in my stocking and at first sniff I wasn't too sure but after my second wash I fell head over heals in love with it. It is a fresh, crisp apple smell that stays on my body almost all day after I use it. I love using this in the morning as it wakes me up and gets me ready for the day.

Clean On Me
One of Soap & Glory's most famous smells and I used it non stop when I first got it but recently it hasn't been first choice. It is a very definite smell and is lots of people favourites however sadly not mine. I thought that I would include this one to tell you one that I didn't like as well!

The Scrub Of Your Life
This is, as the name suggests, a body scrub which is really good as it's job... scrubbing! I like to use this once or twice a week and it really makes my skin super smooth especially when I use their matching moisturiser! Even though this does have the same smell as Clean On Me it is more subtle and I don't mind smelling of it!

I had this soap for about 6 months before I first used it. I had never used a solid soap from Lush and was a bit nervous to use it if I was honest but as soon as it made contact with my skin I new I had been wrong. This bar can create bubbly soaps within seconds, either rub it straight on to the skin or on to a body puff. This has one of my most favourite scents and would definitely recommend it.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you have tried any of these them please leave me a comment telling me what you thought of them. Also if you have any other recommendations!

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