Spring Nails

If spring isn't the time to wear pastels then I don't know when is! One way I like to wear them is on my nails and there are so many different colours the options are endless! As you can tell I really like the BarryM nail varnishes and they have such a wide range of pastels so I would look there if you want some!

This purple is a really pretty, as the name suggests, berry colour. It  isn't too bold but a really nice way to add colour into your life, and maybe your nails will make you want to make a smoothie, what more could you want!

Peach Melba
I went through a phase when this was my favourite nail varnish I owned, I would wear it all the time and whenever it chipped I would take it off and put a fresh coat straight back on! I would definitely recommend this as a salmon pink/peach colour to add to your collection.

Mint Green
Who doesn't need a mint green nail varnish, anything really in the spring! This is a beautiful one and I love to wear it. It would look amazing with some white jeans and a simple vest top.

Blue Moon
This is a really simple baby blue but it is one of my favourite colours. Not only are these colours pretty on the nails but also in the pots. They show he colours really well and means that if you make a quick stop into Boots don't worry that the colour won't be the same!

Yellow is I think is my favourite colour to wear on my nails. This one goes on so smoothly and the formula is easy to apply. The brush also helps as it is the perfect size and you never get the odd hair stuck in your nails.

If you are looking for a more subtle way to add pastel to your look then this is a really easy and inexpensive way with the perfect formula and brush to help you apply. If you have any other recommendations please leave me and comment as I would love to try out some more!

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