2015 Wishlist

I thought I would share with you today a few of the things I hope to get this year. I am obviously not going to get all of these things at the same time and may end up not getting them at all, but I have had my eye on all of these things for quite a long time and just need to bite the bullet!

Oh My Clumsy Heart Sea Horse Necklace - £18
Urban Outfitters Bag - £48
Mac Lipstick "Creme Cup" - £15
BarryM Gelly "Almond" - £3.99
Topshop Ring Set - £8.50
Naked3 Palette - £38
Urban Outfitters Makeup Bag - £14

I am really hoping to get into makeup a bit more this year as it is something that I really enjoy experimenting with. Naked3 has got such a wide range of colours and I think it is a great place to start. I have had my eye on this nail varnish as I have really been loving the nude nail trend. I have also been looking at getting a MAC for a while. I have searched up reviews and swatches numerous times and have to come to the conclusion to start with a nude.

I have been looking for a bigger bag for a while so I was very pleased to find this one. It has got a half moon design on one side of the bag and both a short and long handle. The second bag is also from Urban Outiftters and it has got a really cool pattern. I am finding that I am taking more makeup with me so I think this would be perfect!

I am also really like rings but for a while I have been way to scared to wear the. I would always be to worried to put them on incase I couldn't get them off but I think these would be a really good addition to my collection. This Oh My Clumsy Heart necklace is so cute and I can see myself wearing it all the time!

If you have any of these then please tell me what you think of them in the comments! What do you hope to get this year?
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  1. I love your wishlist! That make-up bag is gorgeous, bobo xoxo

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  3. I know, a definite must have!

    Maisie x

  4. Such a cute wishlist babe! I hope you got the Naked3 palette, I got it this year with my first Urban Decay purchases and I'm absolutely in love! I literally wear it every day, so many fantastic colours and it blends super nicely - seriously can't recommend enough x